2016 tied for warmest fall on record

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The month of November, and now fall are both more than 10 degrees above the norm and the fall of 2016 actually competes with the fall of 1931 for warmest ever. That’s a pretty amazing feat considering in 1931, much of the central US was entering the Dust Bowl, the warmest and driest period to date in the US. 

Thankfully, we haven’t been nearly as dry as 1931, in fact, quite the opposite, but this paints a pretty telling picture. Three of the top 7 warmest falls have come in the last 5 years with 2016 barely beating out 2015 for warmest title holder. 

Temperatures hit the 70s in November, the 80s in October, and didn’t even hit the freeze mark until the middle of November. Quite the treat considering we have seen some spectacularly cold falls. I guess we are making up for them. 

Much of the country was the same, with 99 percent of the country coming in with a warmer than average fall. The only spots with near normal temps were parts of Florida and the West Coast.