Mall of America announces it will be closed on Thanksgiving

Plan on an extra piece of pumpkin pie at Thanksgiving this year—there won’t be a rush to get to the mall. Mall of America has made the bold announcement that it will be closed on Thanksgiving Day. So, what does this mean for Black Friday shopping? Mpls.St.Paul Magazine shopping & style editor Allison Kaplan is here with some perspective.

Has Black Friday jumped the shark?

  • Can’t get any earlier than being open all Thanksgiving Day
  • Growing resentment among consumers
  • Saw the tides turning last year when REI decided to close not only on Thanksgiving, but Black Friday too.

Will it hurt Mall of America financially?

  • Being open on Thanksgiving hasn’t resulted in more sales the last two years; it’s just spread them out.

Will anything be open at MOA on Thanksgiving?

  • Yes. Mall will still host the annual Walk for Hunger
  • Sea Life aquarium and Crayola are 365-day businesses, they will open
  • Nickelodeon Universe and the movie theater will not.
  • Stores can open if they want, but mall is encouraging them not to

When will the mall open?

  • 5 a.m. Friday with special events

What are other malls doing?

  • Most haven’t announced yet, but the trend is likely to be shorter hours

Is Black Friday weekend the best time for holiday shopping?

- Historically, no. The best deals come closer to Christmas. And discounts have been starting in early November.