How to shop for outdoor cushions

It's feeling a lot like spring outside and as summer approaches, some of us may be thinking about buying some new outdoor furniture. But, when shopping for outdoor cushions there are some things you should consider.

Creating custom cushions for your outdoor furniture is fairly simple, yet there are several things to think about before you order. is a great resource.

Fabric - Indoor or outdoor fabric, get samples

Cushion Type 

CumuPlush drains easily, releases moisture, and resists mildew, making it an ideal outdoor cushion filler. Sometimes called cumulus filling, this special blend of dry conjugate and layered, dense poly fiber is resilient and soft.

Luxuriously beautiful and cozy, Premium Indoor Fill creates a plusher feel with a "crowning" effect for designer style and extra comfort. This fill type is created with a foam core and a layer of CumuPlush batting on top and bottom for designer-style elegance and comfort.

Foam core provides firm base, layer of memory foam micro-gel on top and bottom provides reversibility and ensures total comfort, followed by CumuPlush batting on top, bottom and front.

Thickness of Cushion

Welt/No welt 

Cushion ties

Measure and re-measure