How to rock head-to-toe black without looking dull

Many women would wear head-to-toe black every day, but fear looking dull or funeral-bound. And it's true that the occasional shot of color helps keep you look fresh, but there are ways to make all black outfits eye-catching.

Mix your textures

A black jersey dress with a black jersey waterfall cardigan and black opaque tights will look flat. But adding a variety of textures to your outfits gives them depth.

Create unexpected proportions

A black sweater and black jeans may look a bit staid, but using your black pieces to create unusual proportions makes your outfits far more interesting. Try crop tops layered over dresses, long jackets, or ankle pants.

Incorporate prints that include black

This is a bit of a cheat, but still a helpful tip. Finding prints and patterns that are mostly black but include splashes of other colors can break up the solidness of your outfit.

Add color with accessories

Even if you love wearing nothing but black, you can still add pops of color with handbags, shoes, and jewelry. Make sure to include color where you want attention focused, since these accessories really will pop against a black backdrop!