Credit union at Burnsville HS teaches students financial literacy

A local high school has received national recognition for its unique learning program. 

The Pathways program helps students find and expand their passions early on and one program is teaching student financial literacy with a real credit union inside Burnsville High School.  

Adwoa Nyame is one of four students working at the school's Firefly Credit Union. After training last summer at the main branch in town, she's using her skills to teach about 150 students with accounts.

Student Emma Hoved says, "I think it’s so important for every student to understand how to have an account at a credit union and how to manage their money wisely."

The credit union has tall tables, with twirly connectors reaching the ceiling and iPads. Students learn about mobile check deposits, balancing accounts and more.

Also, an ATM which is available to the public spits out smaller bills and only gives $3 overdraft fees.

"It's a little lesson but not something that's going to hurt a student as they are trying to plan their financial futures," Kathy Funston the Director of Strategic Partnerships and Pathways said, 

Funston believes the program has won a state trophy and received national accolades because the entire community is supporting education.