3 ways to style your white tee shirts

Next to blue jeans, white tee shirts are among the most iconic and common items found in American closets. But although they're classic, they can feel a little boring at times. Here are some tips from Sally McGraw for making great white tee outfits, and a few traps to avoid.

1. White is neutral, it's true, but it's very bright and doesn't always look fabulous with loads of solid colors surrounding it. Include a print or pattern in your outfit that includes some white, which allows you to build a more colorful palette. 

2. White tees are fabulous for high-low mixes. Pair yours with a pencil skirt and sparkly statement necklace, then add a utility or denim jacket to balance fancy with casual. 

3. For a summery take on a neutral mix, wear your white tee with at least two other neutrals - pick from black, brown, gray, olive, tan, or cognac. 

4. Make your white tees look intentional. White looks best with cool bright colors like red and turquoise, pastels, or other neutrals. Try not to pair it with dusty jewel tones, unless you've got a print or pattern that includes both white and those colors.

Good white tees can be tough to track down. Here are some of my favorites:

- Bella Brand Baby Rib tees are great for a close but not clingy fit. $15.50, sometimes cheaper on Amazon 

- Alternative Apparel's tees are fantastic all around, but the Roadtrip Tee is great for a lower neckline and looser fit. $32 

- Talbots tees are great quality, and come in regular, petite, plus, and petite plus versions. Pima Cotton V-neck $24.50