3 perfect hostess gifts for a cabin or lake home

Summer is far from over yet!  Enjoy the best of the warm weather in the water with these fantastic things - they also double as awesome hostess gifts!

Do you live on a lake, or know someone who does? Lake Art offers exceptional, ideas customized to the lake you live on, all made in America - they can even pinpoint where you home is and place a marker there.  From trays to wall art to cribbage boards.  These 2-dimensional items are amazing!  

Tray - $150
Cribbage board - $59

What can be more fun than to jump on a giant swan, piece of pizza or pie and float away your cares on a summer day? These massive 6 ft. floaties are all the rage, and an awesome price point - $27 - $40. The electric pump makes blowing up these inflatable friends easy, and it also comes with a nozzle to easily deflate and store as well. Find Swimline on Amazon

Bug Stuff: Repel the bugs naturally with this pest deterrent, made locally by artisan Jessica Klatt.  Not only does it keep the bugs away, it smells nice too - so you don't have to worry about showering before you get in bed or put your clothes on.  $11.99 - www.simplyessentialbyjessica.com