Zimmer back with the Vikings after dad's funeral

Vikings head coach Mike Zimmer is back with the team after attending the funeral of his father Bill on Monday.  He was in good spirits and happy to be back.

“It’s good to be back,” he said.  “From what I could tell practice looked good yesterday on tape, you guys worked hard. Obviously there were some mistakes like always but it’s good to get back and grinding again.”

Full back Zach line said the whole team has Zimmer’s back.

“It’s a tough situation,” full back Zach Line said. “You know he knows we’re all here for him.”

Center John Sullivan said, “It’s difficult to go through personal situations like that obviously. He also hates being away from the team.”

Zimmer took a moment to reflect on just how much it meant to him that his dad did see his dreams of being an NFL head coach come true -- and to watch him be successful at it.

“My dad was very very proud of me,” he said. “I know that. He’s told me many times and like my brother said at the funeral yesterday, one of the lines was that he never bragged about himself but within one minute he was telling the air conditioning man that his son was the head coach of the Vikings.”