Zimmer: Anthony Barr trade report 'erroneous'

After the Minnesota Vikings gave wide receiver Stefon Diggs a five-year, $72 million contract extension, attention shifted to linebacker Anthony Barr who is currently in the final year of his rookie contract. At training camp Friday, Vikings head coach Mike Zimmer said Anthony Barr is “my guy” and said trade rumors he was made aware of are “erroneous.”

“I was made aware of an erroneous report about Anthony Barr,” Zimmer said. “Anthony is my guy, number one. We are unequivocally not trying to trade Anthony. He’s my first draft pick we ever had with him. He’s helped this defense go from 32nd or 31st or whatever it was to being pretty good. So, there’s none whatsoever truth to that rumor. He had a tweak yesterday and we kept him out of practice for a while. He should be out there today.”

It’s unclear what report Zimmer was referring to in his comments.

Barr had his pads and helmet on at practice Thursday but did not play a single snap in the team scrimmage. Barr said he wasn’t going to answer any questions about why he didn’t take any snaps during the scrimmage, adding, “talk to the big man about that.”

Zimmer says any reports about trading Pro Bowl linebacker Anthony Barr are false. He says the reports are "erroneous" and that Anthony is "his guy."