Wolves win, Wild lose and everyone's stunned

Tuesday night was weird.

The Minnesota Wild, in the push to clinch a spot in the playoffs, were booed at the end of the second period, then booed off the ice by their own Xcel Energy Crowd after losing to the San Jose Sharks. The Colorado Avalanche lost their game, so the Wild still backed their way into a seat, but the fans were not amused.

Meanwhile, in an arguably unwinnable game on the West Coast, the Timberwolves somehow defeated the 69-win Golden State Warriors in overtime while most of us were sleeping. The Wolves have absolutely no shot at making the playoffs, but according fans are hopping on the young club’s bandwagon.

It was improbable, but it happened, and here are some of the best reactions from the Twitter universe.

A mixed bag of emotions followed the Wolves' win.