Vikings wide receiver Adam Thielen hosts youth putting clinic

All-Pro Minnesota Vikings wide receiver Adam Thielen put on a clinic for kids this weekend, but instead of the gridiron, these skills are better suited for the putting green.

"Golf has been my love as of recently," said Thielen. "I really fell in love with the sport and I played it my whole life, but now I'm a little bit more mature and able to handle my emotions a little better; it's a lot more fun."

At the Minnesota Golf Show Saturday, Thielen hosted a youth putting clinic. Kids aged 17 and under could register for the lesson. Proceeds went toward the Thielen Foundation.

"I think golf is a great sport and it teaches you a lot about fundamentals of how to keep your composure, be consistent through 18 holes of golf," said Thielen. "So I think it's great for these kids to learn and to start at a young age because it's only easier to pick up and learn when you start at a young age."