Vikings kicker Blair Walsh still has confidence

One of the biggest concerns for a lot of Vikings fans heading into the fourth preseason game against the Dallas Cowboys is the kicking of Blair Walsh. The usually reliable kicker was off his game, and now there’s some special teams turnover with the release of Cullen Loeffler – the only long-snapper Walsh has seen in his NFL career.

Walsh missed 3 field goals and an extra point against the Oakland Raiders and some are wondering what's going on, especially since Walsh is not going anywhere after signing a big extension this offseason. But Walsh says he's not worried about his ability to come through when needed.

“It’s important. Even though it is preseason it’s important for me to do well,” Walsh said. “I try not to get too high on my good kicks and try not to get too low on my bad kicks. We went back and looked at the film and I’m still hitting the ball pretty well, they’re just not going through. I need to change that and put them through the uprights. My confidence is still there, so I’m just going to go there and perform like I know how to this weekend.”