Upper Deck brings unique golf experience to Target Field

If you’re a fan of the Minnesota Twins, a golf fan or just want to be outside on a summer day, you can golf at Target Field this weekend and help raise money for cancer research.

You read that correctly.

The Upper Deck Golf series is at Target Field this weekend, with the Minnesota Twins on the road in Toronto. Starting at $80 for a reservation, groups can come to the home of the Twins this weekend and play nine holes from various locations and levels at Target Field.

Participants will get 18 golf balls and a scorecard, and nine greens are on the outfield grass. Each bay tells you which flag to go at, and if you land it inside the circle, it’s a birdie. On the green, and it’s a par. Outside, it’s a bogey.

Upper Deck Golf Co-Founder Frank Brown came up with the idea with his business partner in 2018. This weekend is the third of more than 10 stops.

"Minneapolis is a great sports town and on top of that, it’s a really great golf town. People here love golf, they love the Twins and it’s a beautiful ballpark. We were here back in 2019 and we had great feedback, we were super excited to come back. We couldn’t be more excited to be here," Brown said.

While the set up is similar to TopGolf, the experience is unique in that you move around to different bay locations and targets. Brown says it offers something for everyone, even if you’re not a huge golfer.

"The biggest thing is it’s just such a unique experience. You don’t have to be a huge golfer to love this event. If you love the Twins, you want to do something cool and different at Target Field, you’re just a big fan of the team, it’s something for everybody," Brown said. "We probably see half the golfers that come to this aren’t necessarily great golfers. They just want to come and do a unique experience. It’s just a really unique experience."

The event runs Thursday-Saturday at Target Field, and tee times run up until 9 p.m., so golfers can play under the lights. Five percent of the proceeds go to Stand Up To Cancer, and if the event fills, as many as 6,000 people will attend.