Stefon Diggs celebrates birthday by writing questions to open in 10 years

FILE: Stefon Diggs

Vikings wide-receiver, Stefon Diggs, turned 23 years old on Tuesday. Diggs posted to Instagram that he celebrated by writing a letter to himself he plans to open a decade from now, on his 33rd birthday. At the end of the letter he added 10 questions to ask himself.

  1. Did you keep God first through the ups and downs?
  2. Did you allow yourself to listen to his plan for your life?
  3. Are you still a father figure to your younger siblings?
  4. How many lives have you directly impacted for the better?
  5. Did you travel the world like you always planned?
  6. Did you remain yourself and not who everybody else wanted you to be?
  7. Are you a good man?
  8. Are you a great father?
  9. Are you an awesome husband?
  10. Lastly, are you the player you always knew you could be?