MN Twins credit 'rally sausage' for 10-game win streak

Baseball players are known for their superstitions, and the Minnesota Twins are no exception. As they celebrate ten consecutive victories, team members have attributed their winning streak to an unusual mascot: a "rally sausage."

It started when the Twins found themselves struggling in a game.

"Yeah, it was out of nowhere," recalled Twins catcher Ryan Jeffers. "All of a sudden we were getting we were getting shut out by Soroka. And the genius David Popkins brings out a summer sausage to the dugout. And sure enough, me and Julien rub the sausage, and, we go back to back to start the inning, tie the ballgame up. So the rest is history."

The Twins' winning streak reached its tenth game on Wednesday, marking a level of success not seen since the days of Boof Bonser and Eddie Guardado. However, with the streak comes a growing concern from Twins manager Rocco Baldelli about the sausage's condition. "The package is going to open up, and the thing hasn't been refrigerated in many days," Baldelli explained. "There's no doubt in my mind that we are carrying around something very unhealthy to the human body."