Michael Vick clears up rumors of ‘Falcons retirement'

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It has been no secret that former Falcons quarterback Michael Vick is still a Dirty Bird at heart. After all, the four-time pro bowler did spend half his career in Atlanta before his incarceration in federal prison.

This past week, the buzz in the Atlanta sports world was about the possibility of Vick being picked back up by the Falcons for a single day, so he could retire from the NFL under the team for which he made a name playing.

FOX 5 Sports caught up with Vick Sunday at the V7 Elite Elite Playmakers Showcase Series as they stopped in Atlanta to host high school players from across the state. Vick was quick to put rumors about a deal being a done deal to bed.

"No, that's something that we're working on that's not in stone. I don't know who's written that or wrote it. You know we had some conversation about it on the radio station the other day and people blew out of proportion, but hey man, hopefully, that's something we can get done one day,” Vick said.

The former Falcons quarterback did confirm he has had at least one conversation and remains hopeful.

“That has to come from the higher ups in the organization,” said Vick. "You know I’m patient. You know they've been patient with me. So, I expect nothing but the best in the future.”

The 36-year-old Vick also touched on his triumphant return to the Georgia Dome at the start of this year.

“It was great. I was just thankful to be invited. You know it was very humbling. You know, really brought out the humility in me.

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Despite an online outcry to bar the former Falcons appearance at the Georgia Dome due to his conviction for his role in a dogfighting ring, Vick received by far the loudest ovation from the sellout crowd during a ceremony honoring the final regular-season game at the team's home of 25 years. But Vick wants to make clear that he has grown beyond the negative influence of his past and wants to get back to his roots to move forward into the future.

“Made me look at life from a different perspective because you know at times, you know, it wasn't all good, and I think that day we made it all right. And I think it sets us up for a relationship down the road to still be there and I’m thankful,” said Vick.

Vick also has glanced into the future of the Falcons franchise, in particular, the new Mercedes-Benz Stadium and appears as excited as the rest of Atlanta for its first kickoff there.

“I had a chance to see it; I had a chance to it. It’s awesome. It’s phenomenal. The fans here are going to get a great treat they should be thankful.

Vick also gave a shout out to his former bosses about the stadium project and the future of the Falcons.

“You know that organization has really done a good job spearheaded by Arthur Blank and Rich McKay,” said Vick.

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And as Vick has stated time and time again, he is a true Falcons fan. He lamented a bit about what he could have done with the current Falcon team including Julio Jones.

“Hopefully, I would have been able to get the ball to him because when you got the great receivers who understand the game football first mentally and then physically can dominate then those guys want the ball. You got to find out how to get them the ball and if not, you're going to hear it from them. So, I just hope that I could have been a quarterback who could do what Matt [Ryan] has done, which is and that's put the ball in Julio's hands and make him the starter he is,” said Vick.

No official word came out of the Falcons camp this week regarding Vick being able to retire as a Falcon.


Miles Garrett contributed to this report