Kevin Garnett delivers gifts to children in Minneapolis

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Kevin Garnett and Devean George returned to Minneapolis to deliver gifts to children on Monday at the Le’Creche Early Childhood Center in Minneapolis during their C.G.G. partnership’s “Week of Giving.”

“To be an example for our younger generation and to give to the things that are dear to us is more important than anything,” Garnett said.

Though events like these were common during their NBA careers, the two said these personal visits carry a special meaning for both.

“This is something that we came up with and something that we chose, and this is the community that we’re from,” George, a Minneapolis native, said. “We always have the mindset that we were all one of these kids at some point in time.”

Garnett, who spent 14 seasons with the Timberwolves, says that events like these put him in the holiday spirit and also let him give back to an area that helped him along the way.

“It’s good that we can be a presence in this community, and hopefully we can bring some change to this community,” Garnett said.