How to do the Vikings Skol Chant

“From one Viking to another, a new tradition starts Sunday.” That’s the tagline of a Minnesota Vikings Facebook post introducing fans to Iceland soccer tradition of the Viking War Chant, a.k.a. the Viking Thunder Clap. The intimidating ritual drew attention during Iceland’s Cindarella run through the Euro 2016 soccer tournament.

Now, the Vikings are hoping to bring the “Vikings Skol Chant” to the NFL, with no better stage than the regular season opener of U.S. Bank Stadium against the rival Green Bay Packers in front of a national TV audience.

How it works

Two beats of a drum are met with a collective clap and simultaneous yell of “Huh!” The drum beats, claps and chants become quicker before ending in full applause and a deafening roar.

What to expect Sunday night

After video appearances by Aron Gunnarsson, the captain of Iceland's national soccer team, and Thor Bjornsson, a native Icelander and "The Mountain" from the HBO series Game of Thrones, the entire stadium will be led in the chant by Minnesota Vikings alumni.

But it’s actually Scottish

The Telegraph of London did some research into the Viking War Chant during the Euro tournament, and found its origins are actually Scottish. Fans of Icelandic soccer club Stjarnan learned the chant from fans of Scottish Premier League club Motherwell, then introduced the clap to their national team.