Despite high stats, Thielen and Diggs thirsty for more wins

The Vikings haven't had much to celebrate the past few weeks, but if you're looking for something positive, look no further than the dynamic wide receiver duo of Adam Thielen and Stefon Diggs.

The Vikings passing attack currently ranks fifth in the league, thanks in large part to the sure hands of Thielen and Diggs. While the flattery is nice, the receivers don't have time to pat themselves on the back.

"It doesn't really matter in this league what you do in the past, you have to bring it each week because you have one bad game and all of a sudden you're the worst receiver in the NFL,” said Thielen. “So in this league you just have to keep working and keep grinding and keep perfecting your craft because otherwise it'll catch up to you."

“We kind of like ignore the noise, I don't want to say we don't play with confidence, but we don't think that highly of ourselves,” said Diggs. “We just kind of keep moving forward because every opportunity is crucial for us and the only opportunity you get is the next one and you got to make it."

Thielen ranks second in the NFL in both receptions and yards. Diggs, meanwhile, is tied for fourth in touchdown receptions. The stats are nice, but the only numbers they care about is wins and having just one right now isn't cutting it for either of them.

"I guess the surprising thing would be we're not playing the way that we're capable of and obviously we have a great locker room, great leaders, so yeah that's a little bit surprising the way that we've been playing," said Thielen.

The Vikings will be counting on their star receivers to help them get back in the win column on Sunday and while the team is desperate for victory, there's no sense of panic just yet.

"We got a team of fighters, so it's been exciting to watch and we're going to continue to work at it,” said Diggs. “It's going to have its turn. Adversity always hits each and every team so how you react is the bigger thing."