Dedicated Milwaukee Brewers fans find a way to catch a game, if even for a few innings

We know fans of the Milwaukee Brewers are an avid bunch -- and they will go to extra lengths to catch the blue and gold on the diamond -- even amid the coronavirus pandemic.

Donna Switzer Zlebek of Plymouth wrote to FOX6 News to share what her adult sons did to watch the Crew at Target Field on Tuesday night, Aug. 17.

Brewers fans outside Target Field (Credit: Donna Switzer Zlebek)

Brewers fans outside Target Field (Credit: Donna Switzer Zlebek)

Donna said her boys, Jan and Peter Zlebek, rented a lift in the Twin Cities, went to Target Field, and hoisted away. That's Peter in the lift in the picture above -- as well as their view from the parking lot near center field.

While up in their perch, the brothers flew a Brewers banner -- and hung a sign that read, "Not in the stands, but you still have fans." 

Donna said the police came in the third inning to make the guys come down. 

Both Jan and Peter call Wisconsin home. But they now live in Minneapolis -- and remain huge Brewers fans.