As races are cancelled, runners move online with quarantine 5K

Efforts to slow the spread of the coronavirus have shut down many businesses and cancelled any events that bring groups of people together in Minnesota.

Among those cancellations are race events, like marathons and 5K runs. But, some organizations are finding a way to go on during the pandemic, with help from technology.

The Q5K is doing just that as a quarantine 5K. It's a virtual race where all monies raised go to help local businesses.

You can submit a nomination and log your miles. David Janweic from Recess Factory comes to Minnesota every year for the Pond Hockey Championships and came up with this idea with races being postponed and canceled.

Janweic says he hopes to help businesses impacted by the coronavirus with the event.

"It's pretty cool," he explained. "Everybody that registered had added an additional donation, which is mind-blowing. Right now, in this day, with the economy the way that it's shaping, everybody is still donating extra money."

After he pays off the costs to set up the event, Janweic says all money from donations to registrations fees will go to busineses.

If you want to join the 5K, you can learn more here.