Allianz Field construction reaches 75 percent completion

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The completion of Allianz Field in St. Paul is quickly becoming a reality and it's a stadium that promises to be one of the top soccer venues in the country.

As of Tuesday, Allianz Field is at a 75 percent completion rate with the intent of being fully complete by February 22, 2019.

Enhancing the fan experience is the top priority. From battling the unpredictable Minnesota weather to serving the best fan food around, Allianz Field promises to have a little something for everyone.

"The rain screen behind us is about seventy percent complete and that was a key element for fan experience,” said Greg Huber of Mortenson Construction. “It keeps the wind out, keeps the rain out and especially during the cold weather shoulder season games, we're going to have a much better fan experience."

"I think the concessions and the food and the approach to that will be something people will want to partake of and be part of,” said Bill McGuire, a Minnesota United FC owner. “Obviously, I think this so-called Brew Hall and that subdeck will be something a lot of people will want to be part of."

The natural grass playing surface is expected to be planted in October. Seats also still need to be added. While the construction process remains on schedule, there's still work left to be done before the Minnesota winter arrives.

"We've got about seven to eight acres of site work that we have to have fully completed by the end of this fall, so there's a lot of work left to complete over the next eight weeks," said Huber.

The 2019 MLS schedule has yet to be released, but Minnesota United FC is expected to begin the season on the road next year. That will give the construction team a little extra time to complete the stadium if need be, but they're still on track to complete Allianz Field by late February.