Aaron Rodgers nixes cheese from diet, Wisconsin might panic

The State of Wisconsin is struggling to accept Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers’ decision to cut cheese from his diet.

After a recent knee surgery, Rodgers said he wanted to get healthier, so he consulted with a team nutritionist and opted to nix dairy, which he said can reduce inflammation in certain parts of the body.

So, what does a California kid who grew up from a dairy farm and plays for America's Dairyland eat?

For now, post-op, he's eating “more of a vegan diet,” he told the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. He’s eating some red meat and chicken, but sticking to mostly fruits and vegetables.

Rodgers is listed at 225 pounds on the Packers roster, but said he’s dropped to 218 pounds, the lightest he has been since 2007, right before becoming starting quarterback. While playing, his heaviest has been about 230.

The two-time MVP, now 32, has said he hopes to play until he’s 40.