How Your Decision Can Save Lives


This content was provided by our sponsor, LifeSource. The FOX editorial team was not involved in the creation of this content.

When Josh and Kayla Bauer’s infant son, Coyle, needed a kidney transplant, they found themselves waiting on the generosity of others. While the Bauers hoped someone in their family would be able to donate, none of them were a match. After 7 months of waiting, Josh, a firefighter in Faribault, was working a 24-hour shift when they got the call that there was a potential match.

"I broke down in front of the guys," Josh said. "I was so grateful to that person who added themselves to the donor list."   

Coyle’s transplant was successful and he’s now a thriving, energetic little boy with a charming smile who loves to talk about his kidney. It was shortly after their son’s transplant that Kayla and Josh felt compelled to register as organ donors. "The first thing we did was go to the DMV and register [as organ donors]," said Kayla, with Josh adding "How can I expect someone else to be a donor if I’m not willing?" 

The fact that Josh waited to register as a donor until he had firsthand experience with donation is not surprising - especially among men. A recent LifeSource study on men’s attitudes and beliefs about organ donation revealed that about 10% of unregistered men said they are likely to register, but just haven’t gotten to it yet. 

And men have good reason to pay attention - they have a greater chance of both being donors and needing transplants, yet fewer of them are participating in the system by registering as an organ donor. Consider this:

  • Nearly 50% of Minnesota men haven’t yet registered as organ donors.
  • Today, 100K people are waiting for a life-saving transplant and 62% are men.
  • As a registered organ donor, one man can save and heal more than 75 lives!

In response to the growing need for more men to register as organ donors, LifeSource recently launched the Men Are the Answer campaign, aimed at changing the statistics, empowering men to take action, answer questions and inspire more people to save lives. Increasing the number of lives saved through organ donation directly connects to increasing donor registration among men. In short, men are the answer to saving lives - including their own.

So why aren’t more men registered as organ donors? It’s a very personal matter and many men, regardless of registration status, avoid the topic due to fears or misconceptions. A person’s health status, age, opportunity to register online and the need to understand how the process works are often cited as key reasons behind men’s decision not to register. The following video provides the facts that can help men make an informed decision about whether or not to register as a donor. 

The Men Are the Answer campaign celebrates the power of men to take a bold stand, make powerful decisions to give or receive a second chance in life and, ultimately, one day become a real life hero whose actions can save lives and leave a lasting legacy. 

Now that they understand the need and impact firsthand, Josh and Kayla are passionate about encouraging others to do the same. "Picture Coyle, and ask yourself ‘why not’," said Josh. "After you pass away, you can’t take your organs with you anyways."

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This content was provided by our sponsor, LifeSource. The FOX editorial team was not involved in the creation of this content.