Zimmerman community gathers to raise funds post-tornado

Less than two weeks after a rare March tornado swept through town, community members in Zimmerman, Minnesota came together to raise money for residents who had their homes and businesses damaged.

“We just wanted to do something and show them that they care and be a central location for people to come if they need help,” said Amber Eckert.

Eckert helped organize the silent auction and pasta dinner with all proceeds going to storm victims.

“It’s good to help people out, I didn’t lose my house or any of the roof, so I came down here to contribute a little myself,” said resident Bob Peplinski. 

Despite damaging numerous buildings, there were no reports of injuries. A fact many in town consider a small miracle as they hope to put their March tornado in the past.

If you are interested in helping the storm victims, contact:

Ridgewood Bay Resort

(763) 389-3818