Zebra foal born overnight at Como Zoo, 2nd baby zebra due soon

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When zookeepers at the Como Zoo in St. Paul, Minnesota arrived at work Thursday morning, they discovered a zebra foal had been born overnight. 

The foal, whose sex has not been determined, was born to mom Minnie and father Ulysses. The foal was up and walking, shadowing its mom, when zookeepers arrived. 

Como Zoo said the foal was not a surprise. Zookeepers knew Minnie was pregnant and would likely be giving birth sometime in the next few days. The gestation period for zebras ranges from 10-12 months. 

There are now four Grant's Zebras in Como Zoo's herd: Minnie, Ulysses, Thelma and the yet unnamed baby zebra. Zoo spokesperson Matt Reinartz said a second baby zebra is due to be born to the other female zebra in the herd, Thelma, in the next week or so. 

Grant Zebras are commonly found in the grassy plains of Africa, particularly in the counties of Kenya and Ethiopia. 

The zebra foal is already on exhibit for the public to see, along with the rest of the zebra herd. 

The Como Zoo has had a bit of a baby boom this spring, according to Reinartz. A snow leopard cub was born at the end of April and two baby Dall's sheep were born within five days of each other earlier this month.