'You're not invincible': Health leaders warn younger adults not to ignore COVID-19 safeguards over holiday

Minnesota health officials are warning members of the public to not let their guard down when it comes to COVID-19 as we head into a holiday weekend.

While the Fourth of July is a day most spend with their families and friends, Minnesota Health Commissioner Jan Malcolm says it's important that people continue to take social distancing seriously.

"We know how tempting it is to feel like we can go back to normal, especially when we're celebrating," said Malcolm. "But we need to remind Minnesotans that we need to be in a new normal and to continue to stay vigilant this weekend, to protect ourselves and our loved ones, and indeed our entire community."

Malcolm says if you do hold July 4th events, you should keep gatherings limited, try to stay outside, wear masks and take other basic social distancing practices.

As she mentioned last week, Malcolm says the median age of COVID-19 cases continues to fall, with more and more cases occurring among younger people. The state worries that young adults aren't considering the danger the virus presents -- even if they don't get seriously sick from it.

"And for young adults, remember that you're not invincible and neither are your loved ones," said Malcolm. "Cases among people as young as their 20s are growing. And if you're visiting bars and restaurants: spread out, wear a mask, carry hand sanitizer with you."

"Even if you are statistically less likely to get really sick from COVID," Malcolm added. "You do risk spreading it to people who are more vulnerable."