Woman recounts being shot during violent weekend in Twin Cities

Recent shootings in the Twin Cities have community members renewing their calls for an end to gun violence after a particularly violent weekend. 

Seven people were shot in St. Paul in one night over the weekend, and a young boy was shot in the head in Minneapolis last Friday afternoon while sitting in a car.  Another young woman was shot as she sat in her car in Minneapolis just one day earlier.

Samera Dennie was in her car outside of the Camden Tavern & Grill in North Minneapolis when she heard gunshots. 

"I could hear bullets just flying," Samera said. "Right when my friend told me just be still I got hit in my hand… in and out my hand and then it grazed my leg."

Samera then called her mom Bianca Dennie, before calling 911.

"I’ve had so many mothers and friends and family members and coworkers that have had this call," Bianca said. "There is no feeling to describe it, your heart stops beating."

"Even after I got off the phone with 911, the shots were still firing," Samera recounted. "About 50 to 75 shots nonstop… [for] two to three minutes… just nonstop."

Now on the road to recovery, the wounds left behind for the young woman are both physical and mental. She will soon have surgery to restore some movement to her index finger.

"My daily lifestyle - eating, brushing my teeth, washing my face - just everything has changed for me," Samera said.

A spokesperson for the Minneapolis Police Department says the shooting is under investigation, but no one is in custody as of Monday. They do not believe Samera was an intended target.