Xcel asking all Minnesota customers to reduce thermostats to 63 degrees

Xcel Energy is now asking all its Minnesota customers to reduce their thermostats to 63 degrees due to a natural gas shortage in parts of the state Wednesday. 

Xcel requested that Minnesotans make the change through Thursday morning. 

The company made the announcement just hours after first asking residents in the Princeton, Minn. area to do the same after a shortage was reported Wednesday morning. 

The company released this statement Wednesday afternoon:

Your safety and the safety of your family is always our top priority. During this extremely cold weather, we are asking our Minnesota customers to help conserve natural gas so the system can continue to operate well for our customers throughout the state. One way customers can help is by temporarily reducing your thermostat setting to 63 degrees if possible through Thursday morning (9 a.m. or later). This step can help ensure that all of our customers continue to have gas service during this bitterly cold weather.

Those affected by the Princeton-area shortage are being provided hotel rooms by Xcel energy thanks to the “interruption” in the natural gas system that occurred around 10:30 p.m. Tuesday night. Approximately 150 to 160 people were affected. 

A full list of hotel rooms and information can be found on the Xcel Energy website