Wyoming, Minn. police officers assist in delivery of twins

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A mother gave birth to a baby girl in her home only to find that baby was not breathing. As police officers went to save the newborn, they quickly learned her little sister was also on the way.

Both baby girls and their mom were all doing very well Thursday night, but it has been quite the couple of days for the Mickelson family and for those officers of the Wyoming Police Department.

Today, there are twenty tiny fingers and toes taking in the new world.

It’s a world they entered before they were due and before mom could get any help.

“I just remember being on the phone with ‘ems and feeling the head coming, and I was like, oh, I’m having this baby now!” said Nichole Mickelson.

Anna Mickelson was born at 7:28 p.m., but she wasn’t breathing.

With her husband Jeremy Mickelson at work, and her mom still on the way Nichole was alone.

That is until two officers from the Wyoming Police Department came kicking through the door, literally.

“They started helping me with the rescue breathing on her, and I surprised them and said, oh, here comes the second one!” Nichole recalled.

Officer Paavola continued reviving Anna while officer Boecker helped Nichole as she delivered Ashley.

“So, here’s our officers, which is kind of an unusual event anyways to deliver a baby at a house, or to even give CPR to someone, especially a newborn. Here they are caught in a situation where they are doing both,” said Wyoming Police Chief Paul Hoppe. 

The officers delivered both babies in the Mickelson’s bathroom, while their 2-year-old son was sleeping.

“Walk in the door and go upstairs and my mother-in-law is holding the one and the cop was holding the other,” said Jeremy.

“If they hadn’t been there who knows. I couldn’t continue to give her rescue breaths when I was starting to have contractions, and the other one was coming,” Nichole said.

The two baby girls were delivered with the help of two officers who will now each be awarded two stork pins.

“Most go their whole career without getting one,” said Hoppe. “So it’s kind of like the hat trick for hockey. You get two stork pins when you deliver twins.”

“We’re just very lucky. Were so lucky! We got two beautiful baby girls out of it,” said Nichole.

The girls are two little miracles.