Woman jumps on hood of her car to stop carjacker, who continues to drive

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When a man in Milwaukee attempted to steal a woman’s car, she jumped on the hood and he drove away with her still there.

According to Fox6 News, the incident occurred on May 23rd around 2 p.m. and was caught on a surveillance video. The victim, Melissa Smith, has shared the video on her Facebook.

According to Smith, she was filling up her car with gas on St. Paul Ave. in Milwaukee when the suspect attempted to steal her SUV.

She told Fox6 News, “I had this 'this is not happening to me reaction' and ran around, jumped around on my car, grabbed my windshield wipers, and didn't let go.”

When she jumped on the hood of her car to prevent the thief from stealing it, he began to laugh at her. “The kid in my car laughed at me while I was on my car and tried moving and throwing me off,” she said, “and I screamed bloody murder, and I didn't get off.”

The thief exited the car after a few seconds and left it in gear.

Smith was luckily unharmed, even as she jumped into her moving car as the thieves drove off in theirs.

However, she explained in a Facebook post that the suspects did successfully steal her phone, wallet, and purse.