Woman found naked in St. Paul yard reports rape

St. Paul police believe the suspect's van is pictured in the traffic camera above. Anyone with information is asked to contact police.

St. Paul police are looking for a suspected rapist, after officers found a woman naked and distraught in the front yard of a home.

On Tuesday, police on routine patrol found the woman in early her 40s in front yard of a house. When they asked her if she needed medical attention, she reported she had been raped.

The woman told police she was followed along Payne Ave while walking to a restaurant. A man in a tan van with two sliding doors pulled alongside her and asked her if she wanted a ride. She ignored him and kept walking.

A few minutes later, she noticed the man from the van was walking behind her. He motioned to his hand where he was holding a semi-automatic gun. He ordered her into his van, made her take her clothes off, and raped her.

After, he pushed her out of the van and told her to walk away and not look back.

The case is still under investigation.