Wisconsin teens can waive road tests to get driver's license amid COVID-19 pandemic

With DMV in-person services suspended amid the COVID-19 pandemic, teenagers in Wisconsin will soon be allowed to get their driver’s license without having to take the road test. 

The Wisconsin Department of Transportation announced that starting May 11, drivers under the age of 18 who have successfully completed their driver training requirements can have their road test waived so they can obtain a probationary license. 

To be eligible to waive their road test, teenage drivers must have regular instruction permit with no violations, completed a driver education course and Behind the Wheel, completed 30 hours of supervised driver and have an adult sponsor. The sponsor—a parent or guardian—agrees to accept responsibility and vouch for the safe driving abilities of the teen driver. 

According to the Wisconsin DOT, historically, 98 percent of 16-17 year olds pass their road test on the first or second attempt. 

Teen drivers will a failed road test already on record will not be eligible for a road test waiver and will have to wait until the DMV resumes in-person services to take their road test. 

DMV road tests are expected to resume on May 26, when Gov. Tony Evers’ “Safer at Home” order is set to expire. 

More information on how to apply for a road test waiver can be found here