Wisconsin man arrested for throwing puppies in the trash

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Eight puppies in Wisconsin were rescued from a after being thrown in a garbage can. 

A 56-year-old Marshfield, Wisconsin man was arrested after allegedly throwing a bag containing eight newborn puppies in the trash. 

On Feb. 28, officers were dispatched to the sound of kittens coming from a garbage can on the 800 block of East 4th Street, according to the Marshfield Police Department. 

Once on the scene, police found the puppies inside a trash bag in the garbage can. The puppies were removed and taken to a local animal shelter.

The resident of the home, Robert Wild, was located and arrested after he admitted to throwing the puppies in the garbage. Wild is facing possible charges for mistreatment of animals and abandonment of animals, both misdemeanors.

Authorities say the puppies are doing well and should be available for adoption in the upcoming months.