Wind-swept ice piles up on the shores of Mille Lacs

A home on Mille Lacs has a close call with wind-swept ice.

Piles of wind-swept, built-up ice are threatening Mille Lacs homes and businesses. 

The strange phenomenon is not unusual for the popular Minnesota lake, however. The ice piles threaten buildings surrounding Mille Lacs each year. 

What happens is the ice on the lake drifts with the wind and is swept up onto the shore. Sustained high winds created this effect on Mille Lacs Monday. 

Ice piles up on the shores of Mille Lacs in April 2020.

The piles surrounded one side of the lake early this week and threatened some homes and businesses there. 

Ice piles up around Mille Lacs. The not-unusual occurrence is a result of heavy winds pushing leftover ice into piles.