Why the City of Red Wing painted over a Prince tribute

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For decades, Barns Bluff in Red Wing, Minn. has been a popular canvas for local artists to share their work, for graduating classes to show school pride, and most recently, a painted tribute to late music icon, Prince. That is, until the city painted over it. But they have an explanation.

Council administrator Kay Kuhlmann acknowledged art on the bluff is typically benign, and it is city policy to paint over it only when the city receives a complaint. Kuhlmann said someone called in, claiming to be offended by the Prince symbol, so when it stopped raining, city workers painted over it.

At last night’s city council meeting, a disgruntled resident helped prompt the city to hold a special May 12 meeting to set a standard procedure for how the city handles art on the bluff.

"The City Council confirmed at the April 25 Council meeting that until the public meeting process is complete and a policy is approved by City Council, the current policy will be followed," the city said in a news release.

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