White wedding: Couple gets hitched in DC snowstorm

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It was a nice day for a white wedding in the nation's capital--literally-- and that's exactly what one Virginia couple was dreaming of. You could say they got their wish.

Kaitlyn and Tyler Zagurski exchanged vows Friday afternoon in Alexandria, Va.-- while a blizzard was brewing outside. But that wasn't going to stop them.

They tied the knot at the Blessed Sacriment Church before heading to the Carlyle Club for their reception, where they were joined by friends and family-- many of whom were from California and have never even seen snow, much less a blizzard.

While some couples wouldn't have been happy about a snowstorm on their wedding day, the Zagurskis said they were actually hoping for a white wedding.

"I was hoping for a little bit of snow, and then we got a blizzard-- and everyone told me, 'Next time you hope for snow, maybe just tone it down a little bit?'" the bride told FOX 5's Tom Fitzgerald at their reception.

The groom agreed, adding that they were always going to do get married on January 22-- no matter how much snow fell.

Fortunately, the Zagurskis have warmer days to look forward to. They're headed to Antigua for their honeymoon-- as soon as they can get there, that is.