Where does the snow go after it's plowed?

After all the snow has fallen, it's now cleanup time.

MnDOT plow drivers are working different shifts to clear the snow from interstates, main roads and bridges to keep motorists safe.

A storage facility in Mendota Heights is full of snow that's been taken off Highway 55 over the last few days. 

The most important part of snow removal is to keep motorists safe if they veer off onto the right of way.

"If you lose control you want to be able to go off on a relatively flat ditch, you don't want to hit a big pile of snow," said Kevin Gutknecht, MnDOT spokesman.

Highway crews try to clear off bridges and other interstates when traffic is light so drivers don't get backed up during rush hour. Other cities, like Minneapolis, don't really take snow anywhere, they just plow it out of the way.

Over in St. Paul, snow removal operations will start Thursday morning. City officials say crews will focus on clearing out areas near garbage cans and bus stops to keep paths clear for pedestrians.

"Running through the banks as fast as I can so I don't get stuck," said Hayward Coleman, a St. Paul resident.

Folks, like Coleman, say there seems to be higher snowdrifts around the city than in years past. People trying to get on and off the bus Wednesday night had a tough time staying on their two feet.

"Make it safer for everybody on the streets and on the sidewalks - it could be a little bit better," said Stephanie Alexander, a St. Paul resident.

There are 18 MnDOT storage facilities across the metro and cities, like Saint Paul, have huge lots where they dump it all the snow. So far, those sites are not at full snow capacity.