'When he realized the tow truck wasn't moving it was too late'

The voice of a Good Samaritan is all Moua Vang has to go on to find the woman who helped him escape through the windshield of this totaled Nissan.

“She pulled his arm and helped him get out of the vehicle,” Vang’s daughter Nou Vang said. “Maybe if he was to hear her voice again he'd know because he just remember those words, ‘get out, get out, get out!’”

Moua says the crash happened after black ice plagued the roads on his way home at 9:30 p.m. Monday night. He was driving in the left lane on I-94 East. when he saw a tow truck helping another driver on the narrow shoulder.

“When he realized the tow truck wasn't moving it was too late,” Nou said. 

Moua says the tow truck driver did not have his hazard lights on, and icy conditions prevented him from braking in time. But the Minnesota State Patrol says the tow's flashing lights were illuminated.

“It was horrible. It's the weather, everyone really needs to slow down,” Nou said.

After Vang struck the tow truck, it's driver jumped over the median into the westbound lane. He was struck and thrown into the center lane and now suffers significant injuries.

“I want them to know my dad did try to stop but the roads were slippery.”

Moua and his family add they're heartbroken for the tow truck driver.

 “Hopefully he'll recover soon and get better,” Nou said.

They also hope they get to thank the woman who cared enough to stop for Moua and shake her hand because she was kind enough to lend hers.