Weekend snow for northern Minnesota will largely miss Twin Cities

Weekend snow is possible in northern Minnesota, although the Twin Cities will likely get missed.  (FOX 9)

A strong storm is likely to push through Minnesota over the weekend that will bring plenty of wind, some snow and much colder temperatures by early Monday morning. While all of us will get the wind and the colder temperatures, only some of us will get the snow…and that's likely to be the northern half of the state.

A band of snow will likely develop Saturday evening across western and central Minnesota that will quickly push north and encompass much of northern Minnesota Saturday night through Sunday. The Twin Cities will be on the far southern fringes of this moisture which could lead to some random snow bursts both Saturday evening, and then again occasionally on Sunday. 

But, temperatures may be warm enough for even a few rain showers to mix in on Sunday if precipitation can get going in the Twin Cities, and there is a good possibility that it won't. So even if we get little coatings at times, with temperatures surging above freezing for a chunk of Sunday, accumulation will likely be minimal.

While the snow will mostly miss the Twin Cities, an occasional flake or drip could cause some slippery roadways as temps will be cooler overall, so just be advised when traveling around during the latter half of the weekend especially late Sunday and early Monday. Road conditions will be reasonable in the Twin Cities overall, but roadways in much of northern Minnesota will likely be snow covered, slippery and slow so plan accordingly.

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