'We should fight together': Winston Smith’s brother wants to build bridges with police

At a demonstration on Sunday night, the brother of Winston Smith, who was shot and killed by law enforcement last week, talked to Minneapolis Police officers who responded to the rally. 

Kidale Smith said those conversations have inspired him to work with law enforcement to build change. He says he’s hoping to plan an event where law enforcement and people who want to change policing can march together.

"I just felt like maybe they needed a voice too, so when I was shaking their hands, you can feel the passion in some of them," said Smith. "This guy held me so tight as if to say, ‘Listen, we wish we could say something.’"

Smith says while he feels like his brother’s death was an injustice, he believes there are police officers who want to make change.

"If there’s any police officers listening, I hear you and I feel you, and I hope you can fight with me because I feel like we should fight together," said Smith.

Smith says he wants to create a better relationship and understanding with police.

"As long as we’re separated, as long as the police feels like it’s us versus them and the community feels like it’s us versus you, we will never be able to come to an understanding of it’s not either of us," said Smith.

He says he feels like the justice system is the problem and if police and people who want to change policing come together, they can make meaningful change.

"There are police officers that want to see this stop," said Smith. "They don’t want to be a part of this, they really want to protect us. There are good cops in your communities and we all know this."

Smith says he feels that there are officers who want to speak out and make change but fear retaliation from their department. He says he wants to plan an event for police and people who want to change policing to stand together.