‘We ain’t rich, I’m rich’: Shaq says he wants his kids to earn their own way in life

Shaquille O'Neal's children won't be getting handouts from dad. 

The NBA legend says he wants his 6 kids to work hard and earn their own money in life. 

"They're kind of upset with me, not really upset but they don't understand," O'Neal said during his appearance on the "Earn Your Leisure" podcast. "I tell them all the time, ‘We ain’t rich. I'm rich.'"

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Shaq said he expects his kids to earn a college degree and if they have a company they want him to invest in, they have to present it like any other organization. 

"I'm not giving you nothing."

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Shaq recently sold his Central Florida mansion for $11 million. According to Celebrity Net Worth, the basketball legend is worth around $400 million. 

While Shaq is known for his skills when he was on the basketball court, he's also known for his big heart and modesty. 

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He recently made an appearance at the naming ceremony for Carnival's Mardi Gras cruise ship in Port Canaveral. Shaq took time to sign teddy bears for sick children in between his duties as Carnival's Chief Fun Officer. 

Back in April, he paid for a stranger's engagement ring in Georgia, saying he is "just trying to make people smile." Shaq also recently rejected his celebrity status, adding that he would rather be known for his kindness away from the basketball court and television cameras.

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