WATCH: Soon-to-be grandpa receives ultrasound 'citation' in North Dakota

FARGO, N.D. (AP) -- A Bismarck police officer teamed up with his friend from the Fargo police force to give his father a surprise he'll likely never forget.

Damien Girodat's dad was expecting a ticket when he was pulled over while driving in Fargo recently with Girodat and his daughter-in-law. The Fargo officer told him something was wrong with his tail light. Then the officer gave Gary Girodat the citation that would change his life.

He was cited for "driving like a grandpa" and along with the ticket was given an ultrasound of his future grandchild. The court date on the ticket was the due date for his grandchild's arrival.

After absorbing the happy news, the officer told grandpa-to-be his tail light was just fine.