WATCH: Rattlesnakes fight for dominance on patio

It was an amazing sight in the backyard of a suburban Phoenix home as two rattlesnakes jockeyed for the affection of a female rattlesnake that was hiding under a woman's grill. 

The encounter on Carrie Lightfoot's back patio was captured on video and posted to her Facebook page, The Well Armed Woman.

"THIS was my entertainment last night! Not gun related but wanted to share because it's pretty darn cool," Lightfoot posted. The video shows the snakes nearly standing up in the darkness and intertwining their bodies, at one point in a face-off with each other. 

"Turns out there were 3 of them, they were fighting for dominance for the female under our grill!" Lightfoot said. 

She called a company that handles rattlesnakes to remove them and have them relocated, so they were not harmed. "Truly an amazing sight!" Lightfoot said.