Watch: 'Rudolph' leads police on chase through NJ elementary school

Run, run Rudolph, Santa's gotta make it to… school.

A deer, dubbed "Rudolph" by local police, broke into an elementary school in New Jersey and led authorities on a chase through the halls. 

The Toms River Police Department shared a video of the encounter on Thursday, referring to it as "one of our more interesting calls this week." A resident reported to police that they witnessed a deer breaking through a glass window at Cedar Grove Elementary and entering the school.

Bodycam footage shows responding officers inside the school with flashlights, chasing the deer down a school hallway and later into a classroom. 

Inside the classroom, the deer can be seen wreaking havoc – running along a bookshelf and knocking things over as it attempts to evade arrest. 


The deer is pictured running through Cedar Grove Elementary in Toms River, New Jersey. (Credit: Instagram/Toms River Police)

"Officers opened the rear door and guided their new furry friend to the exit. The deer was last seen headed North," the police department wrote on Instagram, adding that "no reindeer were injured during filming."

A similar scene happened on Thanksgiving, when officers in Maine were alerted to a break-in at a local store and were surprised to find a fawn as the culprit. Officers said they found the window "smashed out and items knocked over inside." 

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This story was reported from Cincinnati.