Walz asks Trump for federal disaster relief after rioting, $15M estimate so far

Hundreds of businesses and buildings were damaged or destroyed in the riots that followed George Floyd's death. (FOX 9)

Minnesota Gov. Tim Walz has asked President Donald Trump for a federal disaster declaration to deal with damage from the late May rioting in Minneapolis and St. Paul.

Without federal disaster assistance, “Minnesotans will struggle to return their communities to normalcy,” Walz wrote in a letter to Trump on Thursday.

Damage to public infrastructure -- including debris removal and damage to public buildings and equipment -- totals $15.6 million, Walz said.

More than 1,500 businesses were damaged by vandalism, looting or fires, causing at least $500 million in damage.

Federal charges have been filed against 10 people for rioting and arson, Walz told Trump.