VP Mike Pence gives keynote address at Twin Cities tax event

As keynote speaker at an event at the Minneapolis Convention Center, Vice President Mike Pence promoted the benefits of the new federal tax law.

In a ballroom of solid President Donald Trump supporters, the Vice President touted what he considers the administration’s list of accomplishments and campaign promises.

“And just last week President Trump signed into law $1.6 billion of border wall funding that will provide nearly 100 miles of border wall and when it comes to the wall make no mistake doubt about it,” said Pence. “We’re going to build it all.”  

The focus of the event was new tax cut law that doubles the personal exemption for individual filers and slashes corporate taxes.

“In fact, we think that once all of our tax cuts go into effect, that workers here in Minnesota are going to see raises of more than $4,500 a year in the years ahead,” said Pence.

For followers, it is what they wanted to hear.

“I think it’s a calling to Minnesota to get out there and support our President,” said Paul Torgesen, a Trump and Pence Supporter

Politically, it is a crucial stop for Minnesota Republicans.

“You could see the enthusiasm in the crowd,” said Republican Party of Minnesota Chair Jennifer Carnahan.  “And people were screaming make Minnesota red. And that’s been our slogan. We want to turn Minnesota red in November.”  

Make no mistake, that’s part of the Vice President’s message, too.

“Tell them President Donald Trump under this administration, that forgotten men and women of America are forgotten no more,” said Pence. “You go tell them that when you leave here today.”

This fall, Minnesota will have one of the top Senate races and two of the hottest congressional races in the country. Carnahan says she fully expects the President to visit closer to the election. 

The vice president's Minnesota visit is the latest in a series of events hosted by a group called “America First Policies" -- a social welfare organization aimed at promoting President Trump's nationalist priorities.

At the event,  organizers also hosted a panel discussion including local business owners and U.S. Representatives Erik Paulsen, Tom Emmer and Jason Lewis.