Vikings fans feast on Thanksgiving win

Instead of a turkey, the Vikings were at the center of the table with fans feasting on every single purple touchdown.

The crowd at Bunny’s Bar and Grill in St. Louis Park was obviously inspired by the Vikings winning record, which meant showing up early for the best seat in the house. Some even skipped their traditional Thanksgiving plans.

“Didn't realize the Vikings were playing today, so we canceled our reservations at, what was that place, Monte Carlo, so we'll do it Friday or Saturday,” said John Wieber, a Vikings fan.

For Bunny's, the Thanksgiving Day game was good business. The owner gave out half price drink chips with every single Vikings touchdown.

“I love it, ya know my wife probably doesn't love it, but I love it it's just a great atmosphere and people are having a good time,” said Gary Rackner, the owner of Bunny’s.

Now sitting at 9-2, Vikings fans are feeling very thankful and have bigger games in their sights.

“I lived through the miseries back in the 70s with the Super Bowl, so I'm ready for one this year,” said Rackner.

“We're going to be playing in our own building for the Super Bowl and it's going to be awesome,” said Mike Eastman, a Vikings fan. “Eagles we're coming for ya!”