Video: Spawning invasive carp swim onto flooded Lake Nokomis path

If you're out for walk or a jog around Lake Nokomis in Minneapolis this week, it's possible you'll come across a puddle of large, flopping fish obstructing your path.

At least, that's what happened to J.D. Burton, who works for the University of Minnesota. Burton posted a video on Twitter of fish swimming on the path, which was flooded from the heavy rains the metro has received lately. He also shared a photo of people casting their fishing lines into the puddle.

Minneapolis Parks and Recreation Board spokesperson Robin Smothers identified the fish as carp—an invasive species in Lake Nokomis.

She said carp are spawning this time of year, but it is unusual to see them on the path. With the high level of the lake right now, the fish are able to swim onto the flooded path as they try to get as far "upstream" as possible. 

“They’ll flop around until they make it back into the lake,” Smothers said.

If they don't make it, another animal, such as a fox or eagle will eat them or the fish will die and park staff will clean them up, she said. 

Smothers said the park board is currently conducting a study to determine how to reduce the population of invasive carp.