Video shows moments leading up to Minneapolis bus shelter crash

A man is in critical condition after an SUV slammed into a bus stop Sunday in Minneapolis.

Surveillance video shows the moments that led up to the dramatic crash off East Lake Street and 22nd Avenue. The SUV can be seen on video speeding past a storefront and going onto a sidewalk with a Metro Transit bus stop feet away.

Moments later, people stop to help those who were standing at the bus stop. Eventually, the flashing lights of first responders flicker and good Samaritans help someone clearly shaken up.

Officials say three people were hurt, including 45-year-old Alvin Lee who is in critical condition at the hospital. Two others survived their injuries.

On Monday, the bus stop’s sign near Hiawatha Avenue is on its side, with debris, broken glass and tire marks littering the crash scene.

Records show the suspect is accused of driving under the influence, speeding and driving with a revoked license.  He’s also accused of being in another crash moments before the bus stop.

Metro Transit spokesman Howie Padilla said the organization’s police department is handling the investigation and said the driver accused of slamming into the bus stop rear-ended another vehicle moments before the collision.

“Our investigators are doing their jobs to find out exactly what happened, piece those pieces of the puzzle together and hold those accountable,” he said. 

Officials say they are also looking for a person who ran away from the vehicle. The suspect will be charged Tuesday.